steal your competitors' clients legally & ethically

target, don't be targeted

Be the very first few to target your competitors before they target you and steal your customers. SEO, FaceBook Ads, Google/YouTube Ads or even Instagram Ads – they all have their own place in the digital marketing space, however, can we agree that they all take a lot of planning and you have very little control over reaching your Best Prospects?

proprietary system

Our Proprietary System – not restricted to any industry, provides a guaranteed way to get your ads in front of 1000’s and 1000’s of people who have already demonstrated their desire to buy products or services similar to yours. 

Unlike with any other ads, we target people who frequent your competitors’ locations – so your ad budget is never wasted on random targets who may or maynot visit your business. You will always be able to target your audience with laser-like precision.

steal, legally?

steal customers

Yes, how would you like attracting these already buying customers away from your competitors?  Sounds crazy, right? Because it is. Only the massive companies like NIKEs, COCA COLAs, MICROSOFTs, CITIBANKS, MERCEDEZ & BENZs, BMWs and TOYOTAs had access to it until recently. It’s still not available to every marketer. 99% of them even don’t know it exists. Quite possibly you’ve never heard of something like this before.

our unique campaigns

1. Geo-Targeting Combined with other aspects of our proprietary Technology

With Geo-Targeting, we target every mobile phone in specific locations such as your Competitor’s locations or where your ideal customers frequent- your ideal customers could be any specific kinds of people (Doctors, Moms, Surfers, bikers, hikers, etc ). There’s literally 1,000’s and 1000’s of audiences to target – Age, employment status, job title, interest, car they drive, books they read, foods they eat. The options are endless! You help describe your perfect customer, our world class team determines the perfect audience for you so you get the best results.

You might say – we’ve tried Geo-Targeting, Geo-Fencing or Hypermobile Targeting and that stuff doesn’t work. Of course, it won’t be an effective marketing – if you run the campaign by itself because the problem with that is people need to interact with their phones to be able to see the ads – they have to land on a page the ad is shown. If they don’t interact with their phones at all or the phones are turned off whole time in the targeted area, your prospects are as good as ghosts. They will disappear as soon as they leave the area. You will never be able to retarget them. No wonder why your campaign doesn’t work as good as it is supposed to, because you are targeting a bunch of ghosts. But with our system, we are able to follow the prospects even after they’ve left the area because we combine Geo-Targeting with other aspects of our technology. Our competitors can not boast of this feature in their marketing.

What’s more unique about our proprietary technology is – when prospects are in the area, they do not even have to interact with their phones at all. The phones just need to be turned on, and we are able to grab some information off their phones, which enables us to follow them all the way to home and even to their workplace.

2. Retargeting with Lookback Audience

Another very powerful campaign we run for you is by utilizing what we call Lookback Audience, where we pull data from your desired locations and target people who have visited those locations in the past 1, 3, 6 or 12 months! Again, there’s literally 1,000’s of audiences to target – Age, employment status, job title, interest, car they drive, their places of interest. The options are endless! You help describe your perfect customer, our world class team determines the perfect audience for you so you get the best results from the campaigns. This alone will make the campaigns we run for you extremely effective.

3. Cross-Device Retargeting

With Cross-Device retargeting, we not only target your ideal clients’ mobile devices but also home and work computers. Our retargeting is not based on the mobile IP address or cookies of your clients’ mobile phones or desktop computers. Mobile advertising based on IP addresses or cookies are not effective as mobile devices keep recycling IP addresses every 5 minutes and cookies disappear every time user exits the browser. 

Our cross-device retargeting is extremely effective as it is based on some crucial information that we have exclusive access to. 

4. Website Retargeting

Our campaigns don’t just stop at audiences and physical locations. We can select specific websites to show your business on.
If you sell auto parts, we show your ads on auto sites, giving you the ability to not only have a focused audience, but show them your ads when their focus is clearly on your industry or product.

While we are driving traffic, we need to retarget the consumers who are already interested. Nearly 97% of users don’t take action the first time they are on a site. It’s imperative you continue to stay top of mind to the audience that has shown some interest in your brand. We produce an easy code that takes 2 minutes to install on your website.

    Overview Of Technology

    Ability to target people:
    1. Based on visits to a location
    2. No interaction with phone necessary
    3. Ability to follow home/work
    4. Mobile, Desktop, Tablet (Cross Device Marketing)
    5. Competitor Website Targeting

    We Design irresistable ad-Copies and landing pages for your campaigns

    Who We work with:

    We work only with a handful of businesses that:

    ✓ Have legitimate offers that deliver real transformational value and amazing experience to their prospects.
    ✓ Have great customer service and proven follow up system.
    ✓ Understand patience is a virtue and stick to long term success
    ✓Have a clear understanding of Marketing as an integral part of business, not as a liability.
    If that sounds like you, send a message and we’ll book a time to discuss further.