Win Over Local Clients with SEO

Maintain top rankings on major search engines with Hills Digital search engine optimization (SEO) services in Sydney.

The Power of Local SEO

A local optimisation strategy is the key to attracting customers from your targeted service area. Create an effective one with Hills Digital, a trusted provider of local SEO services.
We develop customised local optimisation strategies for businesses of all sizes. Our strategies emphasise your brand’s vision, goals and desired results. This is the core of our service, which gives our clients a competitive edge.

What You Can Expect

Our local SEO services include the following steps:

  • Initial consultation. Before any SEO project, we talk to our clients first. We get to know your needs and share our professional insight. We develop a plan that combines our ideas with your needs.
  • Local SEO audit. After the consultation, we analyse your website. We will provide a detailed analysis that also discusses areas for improvement and create a strategy that works.
  • Monitoring and optimisation. Throughout the project, we will monitor its performance and continue to optimise.
  • Reporting. We keep you informed of the comings and goings of your local SEO. We will provide detailed reports that display your current SEO performance.

At Your Service, Always

Our comprehensive approach to local SEO takes care of all aspects of your online presence and website. We have a team of search engine optimisation experts, skilled copywriters and amazing web developers, all ready to work towards improving your local presence. Win over more local audiences with Hills Digital. Contact us today for a free consultation.

How We Do Local SEO

Our local SEO goal is to help your website achieve Google’s top spots. We make sure your business gets found and earns more leads, sales and clicks.
Hills Digital includes your service area in our local SEO efforts. This ensures local customers searching for your business can find you easily. Through local citations, on-site SEO, Google reviews and inbound links, we boost your rankings on the local SERPs.
We also increase your business’ visibility across all devices including desktops, mobile phones and tablets.